Promotes sustainable development and adopts an environmental policy that encourages competitiveness. The environmental board monitors actions of area municipal, state and federal agencies, offering suggestions and comments about new resolutions or resolutions under review as well as legislation and other processes.

Encourages sustainable use of resources from Brazilian biodiversity, and coordinates the Lend a Hand to the Future – Recycle and Help Create Work and Income” project, which is based on the concept of shared responsibility in collecting recyclable packaging.

SIPATESP and ABIHPEC members benefit from Environmental Department projects and guarantee the fulfillment of the National Policy of Solid Residues (Política Nacional dos Resíduos Sólidos – PNRS), Law Number 12.305 of 08/03/2010 and Decree no. 7.404, of 12/23/2010). The proactive work developed by the union and the association enables industries to stay current with the new requirements by guaranteeing their compliance to the terms outlined in the law.

The department also seeks to strengthen the competitiveness of the domestic industry by disseminating the sustainable use of materials from Brazilian biodiversity and their respect for traditional knowledge in the manufacture of products in the sector as well as monitoring and stimulating a highly ethical relationship between companies, clients and suppliers. It coordinates the Lend a Hand to the Future – Help Generate Work and Income Project (Projeto Dê a Mão para o Futuro – Ajude a gerar trabalho and renda) dedicated to collecting and recycling used packaging, one of the important requirements included in the new legislation in force.

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